Proper Gnar #gnarlygirlgang interview with Savannah Amethyst


So I want to start featuring women that skate, are kicking butt, and being rad in different parts of the world. I'm kicking off this month with an interview with Savannah Amethyst, a skater and youtuber from beautiful St. Petersburg, Florida!


What is your name and where are you from? Tell us about yourself.

Right now I’m in University studying for a marketing degree. I started skating when I was about 6, but it was all just cruising around. At some point in high school is when I started going to parks and learning tricks.


How did you get into skating?

Ever since I can remember I was extremely fascinated with skateboarding. My cousin was a really good skater so I wanted to join in on that fun too. It sounds silly, but I also remember in elementary school thinking Avril Lavigne was really cool with the whole ‘skater style’ that I looked up to. Eventually my parents took me to get my first board, I remember it was a World Industries deck, it’s probably still floating around the garage somewhere.

Funny, Avril is what got me into it too. What's your favorite thing about skating?

Everything. Just the pure feeling of cruising around on your board is so amazing. Its like your own unique thing you can do whatever you want with. The culture is unlike any other community, everyone has their own unique style and it brings sort of an art form to it all.

Savannah Amethyst

I agree about the culture. And it seems skateboarding and art go hand in hand. What's your set up look like right now?

Right now I’m riding an 8” Flip deck, Indie Hollows, Spitfire wheels, Bones Reds bearings and Mob grip. I’ve been really enjoying Flip boards lately, they always feel super crisp and not to mention their team absolutely kills it!

What are you into besides skating?

Playing music, traveling, making videos, this past year I actually got really into film. Posting YouTube videos has become a new creative outlet for me; I love trying to make people laugh and documenting fun skate sessions with the homies.

Where's your favorite park or spot to skate?

That’s a tough question, Probably Skatepark of Tampa or the new skate park in downtown St. Pete! I also love finding new parks when I travel, it’s a good way to meet locals and get a feel for that areas culture. When I was in Iceland last summer we found this sick skate park that was on a lava field overlooking the ocean. Ill never forget the skate sessions there, so beautiful.



What's the skate scene like where you are?

It’s pretty sick. Tampa has such a deep-rooted skate culture. Between the Historic Bro Bowl, Skatepark of Tampa, and The Boardr, there are skaters everywhere. Even St. Pete has been really embracing skateboarding as a part of its community. We have a lot of indie markets and crafters fests where they shut down the streets and build these portable skate parks in the middle of downtown. Like a couple weeks ago they had a giant vert ramp in the heart of downtown for everyone to shred, it’s such great way to meet other skaters and make connections.

Wow, something like that needs to happen here. Do you ever get crap for being a girl that skates?

In person – never! Online – all the time! There are a lot of anonymous trolls that find my YouTube videos and leave negative or sexist comments. You just got to brush it off, I’ve tried being aggravated at them but it is just a waste of energy.

So true. In person it's more rare but I see it online almost every day. Do you have any advice for new skaters?

If you’re ever intimidated just realize that EVERYONE was a beginner at some point, you’ll never magically learn so you just got to go out there and try! A lot of skaters are way more friendly and welcoming than a lot of stereotypes, haha.


Thanks Savannah! You can check out her YouTube channel here, and follow her on instagram @savannahamethyst


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