Divine Grind


Thank you to @damn.mrah for hosting this awesome event! Organized by the SPCC Project, a non-profit organization built to move forward representation in skateboarding, this awesome event took place in Brooklyn. We were excited to be able to provide boards for the event.

Divine Grind Skateboarding Competition

Mariah states the goal with this event was to promote an environment of equitable sponsorship! For far too long sponsorships in skateboarding have been based on “who you know”. Now that we know women and gender nonconforming folks make up over half of the skateboarding population in 2021, we’d love to see a shift in how this works!


Divine Grind Skateboarding Competition WinnersDivine Grind Skateboarding Competition Winners

photo by @lordpickle

Divine Grind Skateboarding Competition Winners

Divine Grind Skateboarding Competition Winners

photos by @brittxtaylor15

View a video recap here:

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