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Hey! This months feature is on Sk8babes! Sk8babes consists of Ang and Liv, two girls from Connecticut skateboarding and recording their progress along the way. And they're so ~aesthetic~ in the process.  

How did you two meet?

We met in our 9th grade Physical Science class and I asked Liv if she had any lotion because I was ashy af. The rest is history.  -Ang

What made you want to start sk8babes?

A: We originally made sk8babes so we can look back on our progress while learning how to skate, but as more people found our instagram we started getting messages saying how we inspire other girls like us to start skating, which got us hyped up. -Liv 

Creating sk8babes for us was a fun thing to do and I think it’s cool that people get joy from seeing something that we’ve created. -Ang

How long have you been skating?

We got our first boards a couple years ago, but it wasn’t until September of 2016 that we decided we wanted to take skating more seriously and actually learn tricks. We haven’t stopped skating ever since. -Ang


What's something you feel like women in skating deal with that men don't?

I think a lot of girls feel out of place. There's been times we’ve gone to parks or skated street and people assume we don’t know what we’re doing, then once we start skating they’re shocked. It isn’t fair that when people see us with a board they automatically think we can’t skate, it’s obvious that it’s because we’re girls. We’ve also dealt with too many sexual harassment situations on social media and in real life. We’re just trying to skate like everyone else. Let us roll in peace guys! -Liv

Wow that's messed up. Have guys ever said anything stupid to you about skating? Or have they been cool for the most part?

We’ve met so many cool guys that treat us like equals and we’ve ended up making close friends, but no matter how many nice people there are there's always going to be those few assholes. Dumbest thing I’ve heard is that I “only skate to get guys”. That's hilarious to me that guys really believe I would put in this much effort and constantly hurt myself for them haha! If you really knew me you’d know I’m an advocate of the Men Ain’t Shit movement. -Liv

LOL me too.

It’s really dumb when people tell me I skate like a guy because I’m not a guy. Why do I have to be a guy to skate well? It’s 2018 and it really bothers me how some people still have to be so closed minded.  -Ang

Where’s your favorite place to skate and why?

A: One of my favorite parks is Rockwell in Bristol, CT. It’s really nice and whenever we go we have a good sesh. I feel like there's always good vibes there, the locals are cool and everyone gets along. It’s one of the only parks I’ve been to in CT that has other girl skaters. -Liv

My favorite park to skate at is Edgewood in New Haven, CT. It’s my favorite park because it was the first park I actually felt comfortable to skate at when I was starting out. I just skated the micro for hours until I learned a new trick. Also, it’s close enough to our school that we could just go there on our break and have a quick sesh while being able to get back to class on time. -Ang

What’s your favorite trick?

A: Shuv’s will always have my heart. That's one of the first tricks I learned, but right now I’ve been working on 50/50s and they’re definitely becoming my favorite. -Liv

Boneless 180 and Kickflips will forever be my favorite tricks! Boneless 180 was the first trick I had ever learned. Kickflips on the other hand took me months to actually get and I’ll never forget the first time I landed one in Rockwell Park. I screamed and everyone looked at me like I was crazy because only like 2 people saw it out of the 20 people there. -Ang

Haha that's awesome! I love anything boneless. Do you skate for fun or do you want to go pro someday?

We skate for fun! But we also get inspired to skate more because of the nice messages our followers give us. We get a lot of DMs from girls telling us that we’re the reason why they’re finally starting to skate after years of being too nervous to. That’s the best feeling ever, showing girls that they’re capable of anything and teaching them to never doubt yourself. -Liv

That's great that you are such an inspiration. Have you ever had any bad injuries from skating? What made you want to keep going?

My worst injury has been fracturing my shoulder. I kept going because I was missing out on so much fun, it sucks to watch people skate when you can’t. And I wasn't able to push my limits or learn anything new. Watching everyone improve while I was stuck was so frustrating. -Liv

I can totally relate. I'm recovering from having a cut tendon in my foot so I haven't been able to do much lately. 

I usually roll my right ankle every other month and one time I was learning how to do a tail stall when all of a sudden my left ankle gave in. I had to wear crutches for 2 weeks. -Ang


What are some songs you like to jam to while riding?

I’m the biggest Kali Uchis fan! I always skate to her. I also have a lot of Gucci Mane and Andre Nickatina on my skate playlist. -Liv

I love her! Do you have any advice for your fellow riders?

A: One of our friends always just told us to have fun. I think that’s such good advice because if you’re not having fun then you’re not really into what you do so what’s the point of even doing it. Also, don’t be afraid to take a risk and commit. It took me about 7 months to finally land my kickflip. I had all the steps but every time I had flipped the board I had kept jumping back because I was scared my board would hit my shins haha. Once I finally told myself to stop being a scaredy cat I landed it. -Ang

So true, that's great advice! 

Be sure to follow Liv and Ang on their journey by following them at @sk8babes, @gnarcastic, and @girlbrainz!


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    Wish I could skate like them and I bet a lot of other people wish they could too.

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