Meet Fae Day Fairy: Radella

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Proper Gnar Radella Fairy

Meet Radella, the Fairy Counselor

Realm: Gaea

Zodiac: Taurus

Her BackStory: 

Radella is a very sensible stable fairy. She is the Counselor fairies of all realms. The fairy kings and queens look to her for guidance on how to prevent great fairy wars from occurring and keep the peace amongst the realms.

*Story Time* because Radella is so antisocial, Chandra nominated her for the counselor position! She had to go all the way to Oceanus Town Hall and do the application because Radella refused to leave her house. She will hold the title for two years.

She's very reserved and calculated, when she's not counseling. She genuinely  likes to stay home with her thoughts.

It's hard for her to have fun, as she feels she needs to always be the responsible one. She the oldest in her family so she's kinda always been this way.

Radella never dates because she hates everyone and can never take anyone seriously.

She doesn’t get close to ppl because she has major trust issues.

She has a nice ass fairy apartment and often goes shopping with Devany in the Anemoi realm for stuff for her house. But they just talk about interior decorating nothing else, she keeps it surface level with everyone.

Radella is really annoyed that Chandra is trying to get all their old classmates together to go skate on earth with the Proper Gnar girls. She despises social outings and leaving her comfy house.



1 comment

  • Posted on by Leah Patton

    Super Cute!!!! love her green hair!!!💚💚💚

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