Meet Fae Day Fairy: Devany


 Meet Devany, the Fairy of Beauty

Realm: Anemoi

Zodiac: Gemini

Her BackStory: 

Devany is a true Gemini in every way. It's reminiscent in her attitude and the power she yields. She is truly the fairy of beauty because when she is in a good mood she has the power to make anywhere beautiful, making flowers and beauty appear even in the most concrete places. But when her anger gets ahold of her she can bend air and usually create tornadoes that destroy everything in her path.

Because she so humble and cool a lot of people forget that she is actually Anemoi royalty. She hates the customs of royal life and acts as if she is just a regular fairy. She's very rebellious and likes to do things on her terms. Alyth is actually Devany's cousin but they don't get along because Alyth thinks Devany is immature and doesn't take royal life seriously.

She and Chandra are the only one that stayed really close after fairy school. The rest of them went back to their respective fairy realms. Chandra and Devany are always being caught partying in other fairy realms.

Devany has many sides to her. She's black and Latina so she speaks Spanish, English, and the sacred fairy language of Anemoi people.

She is a die-hard fan of pink and loves clothes but not a much as Chandra.

She wants to be in a relationship but fairy boys bore her! So she's living her best life and really likes the idea of going to earth to skate with the girls of Proper Gnar.



  • Posted on by Beansz

    She’s so cuuuute

  • Posted on by Indy


  • Posted on by Leah P

    Super cute, and I love how detailed everything is about Devany! 😍

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