Meet Fae Day Fairy: Chandra

Meet Fae Day Fairy Chandra
Meet Chandra, the fairy of the waves.
Realm: Oceanus
Zodiac: Pisces
Her Back Story:
Chandra lives in the Oceanus realm and spends her time controlling the waves of the sea. She is a fun trendsetting fairy.

Life in the Oceanus Realm has gotten so boring.

Generally, Chandra is in a good mood so the waves of the sea stay calm. But when she's upset, the waves become as violent as her emotions.

Although she's super sweet, Chandra works hard to manage her vindictive side. She hasn’t been the same since her best friend from her another fairy realm ditched her for a new friend group.

Radella warned her about that fairy.

So now she's tryna to rekindle with her childhood friends.

It's been 2 years since they graduate from fairy school and she just wants to get everyone together to hang out. She's been missing her group of friends deeply.

She was scrolling on SwiftMil ( which is the fairy version of Instagram) and she came across all these cool videos of girls skating and she has been dying to go to earth and skate with the girls at Proper Gnar.

Chandra has a shopping problem and spends all her money on Proper Gnar clothes. Swiftmil should have never come out with the shop button. 😩

She is however a huge influencer for Swiftmil so she always somehow makes backs the money she spends on clothing.

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