Meet Fae Day Fairy: Alyth

Proper Gnar Fairy Alyth
Meet Alyth, the warrior fairy.
Realm: Prometheus
Zodiac: Leo
Her Back Story:
She's very intimidating to people that don't know her. And it's also hard for her to make a friend because all she does is take about her warrior duties.

Devany is her cousin. Alyth is extremely irritated because Devany doesn’t take royal life seriously.

She’s very focused on protecting the Prometheus realm and works hard to become a warrior fairy. A lot of fairies didn't believe in her since she comes from a royal bloodline of fairies.

Alyth doesn’t care for Chandra she thinks she reckless and will compromise the safety of all the realms.

But secretly she wants to see what earth is like..

She's a control freak and never entertains love because she has to dominate everything.

Radella's younger brother has a crush on her but she would bear to date a common fairy.

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