Interview with Skate Photographer Ken Hada


Ken is an old school skater and photographer I found through one of the team riders, Latisha. His action shots caught my eye, and I love the interesting angles he gets. I got the chance to ask him some questions, and check out some of his sweet shots as well. 

How long have you been skating? What/why did you start?
I started back in 1975 or so on a Nash Goofy that I bought at TG&Y ( a drugstore from the 1970's). I started because it looked fun (and it turned out to be really fun).

When / why did you start taking photos?
I started taking pictures around the same time, I think my first camera was some plastic Kodak instamatic I probably inherited from my older sister.

What's your biggest accomplishment, as a photographer or skater?
As a photographer I have done some of the fun work photographers get to do, but that is just work. As for accomplishment, if I have in any way helped skateboarding (by documenting it) that would be nice. As a skater during the 1970's, frontside grind and then a rock-n-roll. These days I'm happy to just roll fast enough so I don't have to climb out of the bowl. 

What's your favorite trick?
Front rock.

What inspires you?
People with integrity.

What do you love about "skate culture?"
That skaters are really all the same. No matter what age, race, gender, economic situation, all skaters are really the same.

What have you noticed that's changed over the years?
Not much has changed, skateboarding gets popular, then it's not so popular.

What advice do you have for other skaters/photographers?
Think for yourself. Don't let companies define your skateboarding or photography. Do what you do for a authentic reason.

All photos by Ken Hada. You can follow him on instagram at @kenhada or visit his sites at and


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