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This month I got to talk with my friend Peach! They from all the way across the ocean in beautiful Norway. They're so creative and original with their tricks, too. 


Whats the skate scene like over there?
Peach: I'm probably not the best person to ask about the skate scene, I like skating when there's not too many people around, so I'm not at the skate park very often, even though a late evening sesh is always nice and chill, but from what I can tell, the scene is still thriving! There are way more scooters now than it was before, but the skaters are still going at it hard all day long. It's actually a very noticable difference from before I took a break from skateboarding several years back. For one thing all the local skate shops are gone in my town, we used to have 3 and now there are none, and you don't see a lot of skating in the streets these days. Well, not as much I think. In a way, I think it's become more common, more accepted almost, to skate the park than it was before, I guess mainly because many of them have gotten a complete overhaul since then. Either way, I think that's nice, also because it's nice not getting kicked out of everywhere. I mean, that was fun times, but as much as I enjoy skating street, I don't want to piss people off, and I don't really like confrontation either. So I think it's nice to have the parks, I think it's great for the local community, and our skate shops might be gone, but our park is brand new! The Norwegian company, Betongpark, are really doing a great job building parks around and helping the community thrive. I'm under the impression that we have a very good community where I live at least, and most people around here are respectful and friendly.


I think skateshops are shutting down everywhere, it's sad. Ecommerce is killing a lot of retail stores. I have to drive an hour for the closest skate shop. That's great about the parks and community though!


What do you love about skating?
Peach: I love everything about skating. Whether I'm feeling good or feeling down, it's always nice to skate. Sometimes it's nice to just focus on skating and not everything else. It can be a lot at times, for everyone, but skating is something that's always been there for me, and I think that's what I love the most about it. I love that it doesn't have any rules, that I can be creative and express myself the way I want. I love that it's so individual at the same time it can be so social. I love the way it feels when you just cruise around, I love the aesthetics of a trick, the feeling when you finally land something you've really put your heart, soul and body into... There's so much to appreciate.


You described it so beautifully! Skating is so versatile, I think that's why so many people are drawn to it.


What do you dislike, if anything, about skating?
Peach:If there's anything I dislike, I guess it must be that it sometimes can get the best of me. When I've decided on landing a trick, I never quit, but sometimes the trick is better than me, and sometimes I let it get to me. I can get obsessive and irritated, and I don't want to be like that. So I guess that, and the way you think of something cool and can clearly picture yourself landing it, but when you get to the spot, there's just no way, not even close, and that kinda stinks. However, I don't really think it's skateboarding's fault I don't know my limitations and refuse to quit, haha.


Why did you start skateboarding?
Peach: I donno if it's cliché, but I started skateboarding because of the Tony Hawk games. I really enjoyed playing those games, and the whole skateboarding vibe just seemed so cool to me! One of my closest friends at the time skated, and convinced me to buy my first skateboard, so one of the last days before summer in junior high, I skipped school and my mom took me to buy a skateboard. I can't remember why I skipped, or why my mom would even take me, but I'm glad she did. I remember we drove past some of my classmates on the way. It was a good day, haha.


Your mom sounds cool. I was listening to the No Jumper podcast today and they had Chad Muska on and he was talking about the Tony Hawk games and how they opened up so many new people to skateboarding. I think it had a huge influence! 


That feather flip you did was sick, I'd never seen anything like that before. Are you working on any tricks right now?
Peach: Thank you! You know, you were really a deciding factor in me landing that as far as motivation goes! I was so happy for the Proper Gnar clothes, and so stoked to have the support of a brand I look up to so much, so I really wanted show my best. I'm always working on some new tricks, trying to come up with some fun ideas, so hopefully you'll see. I have a few ideas I wanna try out at least, for instance I've found the perfect spot for a No Comply Bump Flip over a gap, and I also wanna see if it's possible to do a 720 Natas Shove-It, but maybe my imagination exceeds my skills again, we'll see, hehe.


Aww well I'm glad I could inspire! I hope you land them.

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Do you think face any issues that other skaters might not face? 
Peach: Well, in regard to being a trans skater, and being pretty open about that, I'd be lying if I said I don't, at least to some extent. I have gotten a lot of crap for it, for the way I dress, but also a lot of love and support, and that's what really matters. So it's not really an issue for me personally, I think that it's apparently a bigger issue for the people who give someone crap because of their identity or how they dress. That's really just sad. I do think hate and discrimination is a big issue in general, though. It's quite amazing how some people can have such a big problem with other people's gender, sexuality, or whatever it may be, when actually, it's not even their business. If anything related to that can make a person happy and feel good, and if it doesn't hurt anyone, I just don't see how that could possibly matter to anyone else. Everyone should get to be themselves, and get to express themselves how they want.


I agree! People just need to learn to mind their business and not be assholes. 
What are you into outside of skating?
Peach: I'm into a lot of things outside of skating too. Just hanging with my girlfriend, my friends and family is nice, sometimes it's nice to just enjoy being with the people that are close to you, even when you're not really doing anything. Watching some crappy movies together, maybe even a good one, or playing some party-like video games is always fun and cozy, though. I'm kind of a Nintendo fangirl, I actually have a 3DS that cost more than my first car... Haha, anyway though, I like music, I play a little guitar and mess around on my computer sometimes, but mostly I enjoy listening to music. I like fashion, although I don't really know anything about that either, but I know what I like, and I like putting together outfits, also in form of dressing up. I'm actually a furry as well, and so I have a lot of fun fursuiting with my friends, out in public and attending various conventions. A lot of people probably think we're weird, nothing unusual, but it seems to bring a lot of joy too, which is really fun. It's really just about having fun I think, feeling good and expressing yourself, just like with skateboarding.


Yea, you only live once, might as well do what makes you happy. 

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The scenery over there looks interesting. Wheres your fave spot to shred at?
Peach: Yeah, I think there are lots of interesting spots and interesting stuff to skate in the nearby, just have to look around, or be a little creative sometimes. There are some good spots around at schools, town squares and what not, with some fun architecture, that I enjoy skating. That's awesome when you're hyped for a good street sesh, but I think my favorite places to skate is probably places where I can be practically left alone and just mess around and have a chill sesh, where I don't have to worry about anyone else around me. If I'm going to say one spot, I think I would say the sidewalk outside my parents' house, cuz that place means a lot to me, although it can hardly be called a spot. It's just a path of asphalt, but it's where I learnt to skate, where I filmed my first sketchy tricks with my brother's old digital camera, where my friends and I would go out and play SKATE whenever they were staying over... A place where we could always just have fun and skate.


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