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Venturing into the skateboarding world can be one intimidating place. You may feel nervous or uncomfortable. However it is up to you to get started regardless of what people will say or think. Now that you're ready, let's help you choose the right size skateboard.


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Choosing the right-sized skateboard can be hard, especially if you are a beginner, but this article will help straighten some things up. Here’s some basic knowledge about the skateboard parts—put the right pieces together and create magic. The skateboard is made of several components, they include;

  1. Deck: This is the platform on which you would be standing; it is made from layers of laminated wood.
  2. Trucks: Not your regular truck, this component allows the board to turn; it also provides axles for the wheels.
  3. Wheels: These babies are in charge of movement; they ensure that the board rolls while housing the bearings to take you wherever you want.
  4. Bearings: looks a bit like the wheels but is smaller in size; it is housed in the wheels to allow them to spin.
  5. Hardware: These are bolts and nuts that keep the trucks on the deck.
  6. Grip tape: this helps provide a good grip for your feet when applied to the top of the deck.

When choosing the right size skateboard, you should consider a few factors: body weight and height, riding style and terrain, and shoe size.

  • Shoe Size: this is one of the more important factors to consider when choosing the right deck width since it is proportional to the shoe size. Having a good fit between the board and your foot helps you easily take on a lot of skating tricks. Consider choosing a deck that is not too narrow or too wide for your feet, a deck width of 8.0 to 8.5 inches would be suitable for skaters who wear shoes 9.5 or higher while a deck width of 7.5 to 8.0 inches would be perfect if you wear 6.5 to 9 in men's shoe size.


  • Bodyweight and height: keeping in mind your body weight and height helps you get the best out of a skateboard when choosing the right size. Choose the skateboard that works for you; for instance, if you are 5’6” or over - you should go for a board 8” or wider. If you are 4’6” – 5’6”, try 7.75”-8.” Mini skateboards are just right for kids 6-8 years old.


  • Skating style and Terrain: if you like technical tricks, flip tricks, manuals, flat bars, and ledges, then what you require is a board that is on the narrower side of the spectrum—precisely 7.75 to 8.25", but if handrails, big bowls or jumping down stairs and large gaps is more your thing, then you're better off with a larger board (8.25 to 9.0"). Wider boards provide a more comfortable and stable platform for standing and are great for transportation.

However, always keep in mind that it's all about personal preference; feel free to try out skateboards of different shapes and sizes to get the one that best suits you and your style—either way, you’re awesome. If you have more questions or enquires to make, do contact us, and we will get right back at you.


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    Do you sell completes by any chance

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    Do you guys do long boards by any chance??

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